The new James Webb space telescope has just released its first full-color image.

The picture, presented to the world in July by US President Joe Biden.

A vision of the cosmos from billions of years in the past is depicted in the image in an amazing depth.

Now, scientists have identified what they think to be the furthest globular clusters yet discovered.

Globulars are dense star collections.

These stars are typically extremely old and in excellent condition.

They contain less of the heavier chemical substances that pollute more recent stars like the Sun.

More than 100 of these tiny clusters are scattered throughout our Milky Way Galaxy, in which our Sun lives.

But when and how they formed is still something of a puzzle.

The picture, called SMACS 0723, is an example of what's referred to as a gravitational lens.

It displays a collection of large foreground galaxies that have magnified and warped light from background galaxies.